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Sheng-An Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd. is the leading supplier with focus on research and development, manufacturing and marketing of precision medical extrusion equipment. Through many years of experience and close cooperation with medical supplies manufacturers, combining advanced technology at home and abroad, we have been implementing strict quality control and batch production and purchase of high precision components, which gives us competitive advantages over international similar equipments for a more cost effective solution. "The China price with the European quality" is the symbol of Sheng-An medical extrusion equipment.


We have a group of professional team with excellent professional skills and practical expertise, which enables us to provide effective and reliable technology,comprehensive guide and training service for our clients to meet different customer's special application requirements. A complete set of equipment is adopted advanced mechatronic automatic control system to ensure the output and continuity of stable production and deliver energy consumption in the most cost effective way.

Sheng-An medical extrusion equipment is more outstanding in producing high transparent, elastomeric, large size or small size, extracorporeal blood, central venous catheter, light-proof infusion tube and other plastic tubes. Our extrusion equipments have been successfully exported to Japan, Europe, America and other countries.