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29 2021-11

How to Solve The Current Instability of Main Machine of Dongguan Small

In the daily use of Dongguan extruder equipment, with the passage of time, some large and small faults are normal. In the daily operation of small extruder, the host current instability has become one of the common failures. The following is a detailed in

29 2021-11

How to Make The Life of Sheng-An Precision Extruder Longer

Sheng-An precision extruder can also be used for longer life. In fact, a lot of machinery can make it. When you buy it back, as long as good maintenance and correct operation, its life is easy to be longer than the other machines, so, how to maintain the

29 2021-11

Sheng-An Medical PVC Tube Extruder Features:

The medical PVC tube extruder has the following characteristics:1. High speed extrusion: elastic PVC, speed up to 244 m/min.2. High temperature extrusion: PEEK, ULTEM, etc

29 2021-11

Design of Head of Medical Catheter Extruder

With the development of medical level, interventional medical catheter extruder has made rapid progress in the medical field. Interventional diagnosis and treatment techniques have been widely used in endovascular angiography, angioplasty

29 2021-11

Mid-Autumn Festival Is Coming Again.

The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival in some countries in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, especially for the overseas Chinese living ther

29 2021-11

Grateful to all the teachers on the way of growth

Teachers' Day is a day to thank teachers for their teaching over the year and to recognize their contribution to education. It is observed on different days in different countries. Respecting teachers and valuing education has always been a fine tradition