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Grateful to all the teachers on the way of growth

September 10th is Teachers' Day.

Along the way, he brought a lesson of enlightenment;

On the way to struggle, he sent warm encouragement;

In moments of confusion, he points the way.

When you fly high,

He is still in the first place to dedicate himself .

Deep in everyone's heart, there is an unforgettable teacher.

        The first Teachers' Day was celebrated in 1985 and the 34th teachers' Day in China will be celebrated on September 10, 2018

        Teachers' Day is a day to thank teachers for their teaching over the year and to recognize their contribution to education. It is observed on different days in different countries. Respecting teachers and valuing education has always been a fine tradition in China. As early as the Western Zhou Dynasty in the 11th century BC, it was suggested that "students serve teachers and respect the same as their father." In 1985, the ninth session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress passed The State Council's proposal on the establishment of Teachers' Day, and decided to set September 10 as Teachers' Day every year. In 1994, UNESCO designated October 5 as World Teachers' Day.

        Teachers' Day, to recognize the contribution of teachers to education. In China's modern history, many times in different dates as teachers' Day. It was not until 1985 that the ninth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress passed The State Council's proposal on establishing Teachers' Day that September 10, 1985 was truly established as the first Teachers' Day in China.

        When I grew up, I became you, just know that classroom, flying is hope, keep the nest is always you....."When I grow up, I will be you" this moving paean has inspired many students' dreams, they hope that one day they can also walk on the platform, to become an excellent people's teacher.

        Those who drink water should remember the source of water, and those who are successful in their studies should be grateful to their teachers. On the occasion of the thirty-fourth Teachers' Day, all the staff of Sheng-An machinery congratulate all the teachers, good health, happy forever.