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Design of Head of Medical Catheter Extruder

1.  An overview 

1.1 Introduction to medical catheters

1.1.1 Necessity of precision medical catheter

        The production and consumption level of medical plastic products in a country reflects the country's economic and technological level to a certain extent. The average annual consumption of medical plastic in the United States is $300, while that in China is only 30 RMB.

        Compared with foreign developed countries, the development of medical catheter in China is very backward, especially the medical plastic products with high technology content, such as interventional catheter, are almost blank. According to incomplete statistics, China imports more than150million yuan of all kinds of catheters every year, and the consumption of all kinds of catheters accounts for 7.8% of China's sales of 15 billion medical devices. Due to dependence on imports, the development of interventional medicine in China is restricted, and the high price of imported products is beyond the reach of most people.

        Nowadays, interventional diagnosis and treatment has been paid more and more attention as the accuracy of medical diagnosis is getting higher and higher and the pain to patients is getting smaller and smaller. Catheters are necessary devices for interventional diagnosis and treatment. In addition to the materials used for catheters, the relevant precision molding technology, special processing technology, bonding technology and surface modification technology are the research topics that catheter manufacturers continue to strive for.

        Precision medical plastic catheter has the characteristics of small size, complex shape, high geometric precision, high sanitary index and high biochemical stability. The production of medical catheter is very difficult, and conventional plastic equipment can not meet its production requirements. There are many kinds of medical catheters with different materials. Restricted by production equipment and supporting production technology, most of the precision medical plastic catheters in China rely on imports at present.

        It is very important to develop the manufacturing technology and equipment of precision medical plastic catheter for the localization of such products, reducing the cost and improving people's health. Precision medical catheter production technology and equipment has a broad market prospect in China, which will not only bring remarkable economic benefits, but also help to improve the health level of the people and bring huge social benefits.

1.1.2 Application and prospect of precision medical catheter Application of precision medical catheter

        There are many kinds of medical catheters and their materials are different. According to the structure and function characteristics, catheters can be divided into ordinary catheters and special catheters. Supporting the use of catheter sheath tube, endovascular stent, etc.