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Mid-Autumn Festival Is Coming Again.

        The Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. Influenced by Chinese culture, Mid-Autumn Festival is also a traditional festival in some countries in Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia, especially for the overseas Chinese living there. Although it is the same as the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the customs of different countries, diverse forms are consigned to people's infinite love of life and the vision of a better future. See how the holidays are celebrated around the world!

        The Mid-Autumn festival in Japan: eating dumplings and enjoying the moon

        On this day, tens of thousands of residents dress up in costumes with ethnic characteristics, chant, support the old and the young, and carry shrines to the temple to offer incense. The children also went to the wild to collect auspicious weeds to decorate their homes and usher in happiness; In the evening, the whole family gathered in the courtyard, put fruits, rice balls and so on to worship the moon god, and then eat, enjoy the moon, listen to the old man about the myth of the moon. Instead of mooncakes, the Japanese eat "tuanzi" made of rice in various shapes with bean paste as the main filling. Today, only a few parts of Japan still celebrate the festival.

        The Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korean : family reunion, eating pine cake

        The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in South Korea. Starting on the 14th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, the whole country takes three days off to celebrate the festival. In South Korea, the most important part of the festival is the reunion of the whole family to their grandparents' house. First, they worship their ancestors, and then they dance together and enjoy the full moon. Girls put on colorful traditional costumes and played the ancient springboard game. Korea also has a unique festival food, muffins. Muffin shaped like half moon, made of rice flour, filling is bean paste, jujube paste, etc., because of steamed pad with pine hair, so named, during the Mid-Autumn Festival every family steamed food and feed each other.

        The Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam : listen to the story of Agui , play lanterns

        Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival treat children, carp as expensive, showing its own characteristics. Agui is the Vietnamese version of Chang'e. According to legend, when Agui got a fairy tree, he didn't obey the instructions of the fairy and poured it with sewage. As a result, the tree flew into the moon. Night lights together, legend is a carp into the essence of harm, Bao Gong to save the people with paper carp lamp to town. Therefore, the children are in the Mid-Autumn festival night to listen to the legend of "Agui", will carry carp lantern travel and play, indicating that grow up "leap into the dragons gates" meaning.

        The Mid-Autumn Festival in Sri Lanka : listen to scriptures, enjoy the moon

        Mid-Autumn Festival, in most Asian countries and regions is once a year. However, Sri Lanka's "full moon Festival", is spread according to the Buddhist custom, every month when the moon reunion, will have a festival, of course, to the Mid-Autumn festival "full moon festival" the most grand. Sri Lanka has a national holiday on the full Moon Festival. After arranging delicious food in the early morning, devotees and women all scrambled to temples or sacred halls to listen to scriptures and worship the moon. After listening to the worship, people sit in the courtyard, enjoying the delicious food and watching the moon. Until the moon sinks to the west, singing and dancing entertainment to the end.

        In Thailand,it’s called "Moon-praying Festival": People worship eight immortals with peaches

        In Thailand, Mid-Autumn festival is called "Moon-praying Festival". Whenever Thailand's August 15 night, each household with sugarcane into the arch, men and women, young and old to pay homage to the moon. On the Mid-Autumn Festival table, the "eight hole immortals" of Chinese folklore are enshrined. All lifelike, to pray to teach the "eight immortals across the sea", each show his powers. The table is also filled with "longevity peach", "moon cake" and other delicacies. According to Thai legend, during the Mid-Autumn festival, eight immortals will bring longevity peaches to the moon palace to celebrate the birthday of Guanyin, and the Bodhisattva deities will "bless the living."

        The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the three lantern festivals in China. However, the Mid-Autumn Festival does not have a large Lantern Festival like the Lantern Festival, and lantern play is mainly carried out among families and children.

        The Mid-Autumn festival is approaching, and I hope you will have a full moon and a full family reunion.