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  • TPU high pressure braided reinforcement pipe

TPU high pressure braided reinforcement pipe

Consultation Hotline: 13926896675


This series of production lines are composed of pay-off racks, straighteners, heating ovens, single-screw extruders, extrusion molds, vacuum cooling water tanks, combined traction servo cutters, and winders. Customers can choose auxiliary accessories such as conveyors and braiding machines according to their needs. The contact surface between equipment and product is equipped with stainless steel countertops, or customized according to customer requirements.

Equipment used materials: TPU、PVC、PE, PP、PA、TPE

Applicable Products: coated tube, braided tube, covered tube, pressure expansion pump connecting tube, high pressure connecting tube, etc.

Applicable pipe diameter and tolerance range: outer diameter 3mm~20mm; outer diameter tolerance: ±0.01 / ±0.02 / ±0.05

Wall thickness: 0.1-3mm.

International general standards: Φ3.65*1.8, Φ4.8*2.2. Tolerance range of inner and outer diameter: ±0.05mm