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  • Flat mouth drop bucket, large diameter hose extrusion line

Flat mouth drop bucket, large diameter hose extrusion line

Consultation Hotline: 13926896675


Product structure: The series of equipment is made up of single screw extruder、extruding die、vacuum sizing cooling water tank(generally with a spray device)、servo haul-off and cutting conjoined machine、belt conveyor etc. We can also make a double-Machine Co extrusion structure for the use of the light avoidance tube,which is used in coextrusion with three or two layer coextrusion die. The user can select an online tracking outside diameter measuring instrument.

Product features: Equipped with a special belt traction machine to meet the large diameter of the traction, to make the product more stable。 For multi products,mold structure update for adjusting free, inner and outer mold flow distribution uniformity, no dead angle,convenient disassembly, improve production efficiency.

The series is applicable to:Singl or double layer flat mouth drop bucket,large diameter hose tube extrusion

Applicable raw materials: PVC materials, PVC light materials, TPU materials.