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  • Medical bellows (respiratory) extrusion line

Medical bellows (respiratory) extrusion line

Consultation Hotline: 13926896675


Main configuration:

Single-screw extruder (if production double D corrugated pipe requires an additional 30 extrusion auxiliary machine)

Extrusion mould for corrugated pipe or flexible bellows

Corrugated pipe or flexible bellows forming module group

Forming equipment

Tube shrinking machine (for flexible bellows)

On-line leak detection device

On-line cutting machine (optional)

Applicable materials: PVC, PP, PE, EVA&PEEK

Breathing tubes: corrugated pipe , double D corrugated pipe  and Fluoroplastic corrugated pipe

Note: For the production of double-D corrugated pipes, an additional 30 extrusion auxiliary machine is needed; when producing fluoroplastic corrugated pipes, the materials of the screw, barrel and mold all need high-temperature-resistant imported steel.


It is formed at one time through the corresponding forming module group, the inside and outside are smooth, and the corrugation is uniform.

The forming machine can be equipped with water-cooled or air-cooled to improve product output and quality.